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Handen wassen extra vriendelijk voor je huid

Detergent for allergies

If you have an allergy, it can often be a long search for suitable detergents and skin care products. This time Gaby (28) tells in My KLOK story about her allergy and eczema, caused by a substance that is used in many detergents, cosmetics and cleaning products.


Allergic to wool alcohols

Gaby’s allergic reaction and eczema were caused by wool alcohol, also known as lanolin or lanolin alcohol. It originally occurs in wool fat; the fat in a sheep’s coat that ensures that the coat remains dry and protected against weather influences.
Detergents, fabric softeners and cleaning products to which this substance has been added ensure that the fibers of delicate fabrics are extra protected during washing and that vulnerable materials are not affected by the cleaning agent.

Anti-allergic detergents

In case of allergic reactions, such as eczema, you naturally want your skin to come into contact as little as possible with substances that cause itching, flakes and other discomforts. Your skin is in contact with your clothes all day long – and therefore also with the detergent you use. An anti-allergic detergent is therefore important to prevent skin complaints.

Anti-allergic cleaning products and cosmetics

To prevent allergic reactions and skin irritation, Gaby KLOK uses detergent for washing dishes. In addition, when purchasing cosmetics, she also pays attention to skin-friendly and perfume-free. She also has a number of tips for people with allergies, eczema or skin problems: Wear soft and breathable fabrics, such as cotton. She advises against synthetic materials. Her tip is also not to wear tight clothing.

Gaby recommends KLOK, especially for people who suffer from skin problems. KLOK is skin-friendly, perfume-free and ecological. Since Gaby started using KLOK – and cosmetics without perfume or allergens – she hardly has any complaints anymore.

It’s nice that customers, like Gaby, benefit from KLOK washing and cleaning products.

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