Klok Washing Powder Color awarded with the designation Green Choice

Consumers’ Association gives Klok Washing Powder Color the designation Green Choice

Clock Washing Powder is the washing powder you can rely on if you want to do your laundry in an environmentally friendly way. This is evident from the new test for fur detergents from the Consumers’ Association. In addition to Clock Washing Powder White, Washing Powder Color has now also been awarded the Green Choice designation by the Consumers’ Association. Klok comes out as the best A-brand in the test and stands out with its environmental score far above the rest. The ingredients of Klok have a low environmental impact and ensure clean laundry, according to the Consumers’ Association.

Klok is the only A-brand with the Green Choice designation. Clock Washing Powder White was awarded this predicate in the Money Washing Agents test in 2022.


Unfortunately, many brands are greenwashing

The test by the Consumers’ Association shows that many brands are more likely to use greenwashing than wash in an environmentally friendly way. Unfortunately. There are therefore still enormous opportunities for improvement for many brands. Klok pays attention to the environment through the use of carefully selected ingredients. With an exceptionally clean and radiant wash as a result. It is not for nothing that our products carry the EU Ecolabel!


EU Eco label

Ecological detergents certified with the EU Ecolabel meet strict product and packaging requirements. With Clock Washing Powder White and Washing Powder Color you can wash your laundry intensively and safely, in an ecologically responsible manner and with a radiantly fresh result. Even at low temperatures.

Curious on which points all detergents have been tested? Want to see the price per detergent per wash? Or view the results of your favorite detergent (Clock)? You can find it all in this article from the Consumer Association.

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