Skin problems

Skin problems can vary from dry skin, itching to a chronic skin condition. You can develop a contact allergy by frequently coming into contact with a substance that can trigger an allergic reaction. Your immune system then reacts abnormally. Once you have a contact allergy to a certain substance, you will usually keep this sensitivity throughout your life. Your skin reacts immediately as soon as you come into contact with this substance again.

A chronic skin condition

More than a 1,000,000 Dutch people suffer from a chronic skin condition. They often have to deal with: discoloration, flaking or inflammation of the skin, itching or hair loss, for a long time or sometimes throughout their lives.  And not to forget: the incomprehension from the environment.

Skin problems are usually immediately visible and therefore quickly determine the social lifestyle. Unfortunately, it happens every day that skin patients are avoided or that hurtful remarks are made. Shame and fear lead the skin patients to regularly try to hide their condition. Partly because of this, society is hardly aware of the real extent of this problem. Through good information, the Skin Fund provides more knowledge and ultimately understanding.

(Source: Nationaal Huidfonds)

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