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Sanitary Cleaning

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Sanitary cleaning & ecological cleaning

Cleaning the toilet is a job that has to be done almost daily. You can do this without any problems with the Klok toilet cleaner. The Klok toilet cleaner is ecological and certified with the European Ecolabel. Products with the European Ecolabel have been inspected by an independent organization. In addition to environmental requirements, high quality requirements are also set for the products. Klok toilet cleaner is less harmful to the environment and ensures that the ecosystem is disrupted as little as possible.

Sanitary cleaning with our ecological toilet cleaner

Klok toilet cleaner is an effective cleaner that also descales. The angled spout makes it easy to reach difficult places, eg under the rim. A small amount is sufficient for a good cleaning of the inside of the toilet.

Sanitary cleaning in a conscious way

More and more people are choosing to clean in and around the house in a conscious way. All Klok products on this website are sustainable and 100% ecological, which means they contribute less to environmental pollution. All our products meet the strict conditions and offer effective operation.

Cleaning tips around the house

Cleaning a house can be quite the task. With a number of handy tips and tricks you can make the cleaning process a lot easier for yourself. Below you will find a number of tips that may make the work a bit easier.

  • When cleaning, always use a soft cloth, chamois or sponge to prevent scratches on sanitary ware;
  • Avoid aggressive cleaning agents on glass, kramik, plastic and glass;
  • Always dry everything well when you are done, this prevents limescale deposits;
  • Glassware is easy to clean with standard glass cleaner;
  • Protect mineral marble with car wax or wax for long-term protection;
  • Only clean ceramic anti-limescale sanitary ware with mild cleaning agents.